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Economy Warms a Bit, But Some Holiday Office Parties Stay on Ice


Jeff Mandel, the managing partner of the Orlando office, was quoted in the December 16 Orlando Sentinel article "Economy Warms a Bit, But Some Holiday Office Parties Stay on Ice." The article reported that, although there has been a slight improvement in the economy, many employers are reluctant to resume the practice of hosting traditional company holiday parties. Alternative celebrations, such as company sponsored luncheons and office pot lucks are becoming more popular for reasons other than just the economy. Employers are shying away from hosting holiday gatherings that include serving alcohol. Jeff said the concern is warranted. A good number of workplace discrimination and harassment lawsuits he has handled were triggered by events at alcohol-fueled office holiday parties. "Usually it's not the party incident itself that causes a lawsuit. The incident turns out to be part of a pattern of harassment or discrimination — the straw that breaks the camel's back."


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