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Ebola Concerns Are Causing Companies to Seek Legal Advice


Victor Geraci was quoted in Crain’s Cleveland Business on October 26, 2014. The article “Ebola Concerns Are Causing Companies to Seek Legal Advice,” discussed how Ebola concerns are raising a litany of legal questions, from how companies should treat employees possibly exposed to the virus or an infected person to whether quarantines infringe on an individual's own civil liberties.

Victor was quoted on the type of advice that employers are seeking from law firms, with regards to the Ebola outbreak.

Victor said many employers are looking for help “digesting” laws and information already out there to evaluate their liability, particularly those in health care fields or where international travel is a part of the job.

“There is confusion, and because there is a group of people who would normally look to law firms on workplace safety issues or protection of employee safety, they're doing so now,” Victor said, adding that he's quick to remind clients “this is not a crisis at the moment.”

To read the full article, please visit Crain’s Cleveland Business.

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