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Does Your Boss Spy on You?


Todd Fredrickson, managing partner of the Denver office, was quoted in the February 20 article “Does Your Boss Spy on You?” The article, which appeared on, focused on the different reasons that companies monitor employee internet and phone usage on a daily basis. One of the main reasons is productivity. Monitoring software is meant as a backup for employers to ensure that their employees are doing their jobs and not being distracted. Other reasons companies monitor their employees’ work habits is to prevent legal issues and because of potential mishandling of company information by employees. Todd said, “A more limited number of employers use video surveillance -- typically, employers with wholesale or retail goods or where safety and security are a particular issue.” He also noted that most employers who monitor their employees are generally just storing information in case of legal issues and only reference it should a dispute arise. “In most cases employers have neither the time nor the money to continually monitor what employers are doing on computers.”


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