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Does Your Boss Know You're Reading This?


Tracy Moon was quoted in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution article "Does your boss know you're reading this?"

In an era of company-issued GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets, employers now have the technology to track workers’ every move from sunrise to bedtime.

Companies say tracking employees can be good for business. For example, it can help improve safety — ensuring truckers drive safely and get the rest required by law. Tracking can also make companies more productive and competitive by monitoring performance and productivity.

For companies, the same technologies that allow them to create efficiencies also create risk. Companies can technically access all of an outfitted employee’s data, day and night. That includes workers’ activities during personal time — such as visiting a psychiatrist during a lunch break.

“The technology is useful,” said Tracy Moon, an Atlanta employment attorney and partner with Fisher Phillips. But “sometimes there’s no clear direction on what is lawful.”


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