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Do Employees Need Social Media Breaks?


It’s no secret that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become a global phenomenon. According to a 2015 study, Americans check their social media accounts an average of 17 times per day. Considering the highest usage was observed in those between the ages of 25 and 54, it’s easy to conclude that Americans’ social media compulsion is infiltrating the workplace, as people struggle not to sneak a peek throughout the day. Seeking to cut back on workers sneaking access to social media, some employers are considering designating specific times to indulge their obsessions. In an interview with Human Resource Executive, Jaklyn Wrigley says, “Employers are worried that their employees are using social media during times they should be working, but it’s very difficult to assess how much time that is and what is the actual impact on their ability to perform the job and be productive in the workplace.”

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