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Denver Partner Comments on Colorado’s New Whistleblower Protections


On June 11, 2020 Governor Jared Polis signed whistleblower protections into law to prohibit retaliation against workers who speak out about unsafe work conditions during a public health emergency. In an interview with Law Week Colorado, Kristin White points out the limitations of the new law and the fact that it only applies to situations where a public health order is in place or a public health emergency has been declared. She also notes a concern she has about the law in that “…it is really duplicative of rights that already exist under the federal [Department of Labor] system.” In other words, Kristin explains that it could be problematic because instead of keeping workplace health and safety complaints within the federal system they could find their way into state court which is a forum that is not used to hearing these concerns.

To read the article visit, Law Week Colorado. (The full article only appears in the July 20, 2020 print edition.)


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