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Denver Business Journal Turns to Local Partner for Insights on Colorado’s New Employment Laws


Voters in Colorado passed a ballot measure establishing a statewide program for paid family and medical leave. In an interview with the Denver Business Journal, Kristin White explains what passage of the ballot initiative means for employers and what they need to do to prepare for implementation of the new law in January 2023.

In another interview with the Denver Business Journal, Kristin shared her insights on the Colorado law passed in 2019, which mandates employers to offer workers the opportunity to earn at least 48 hours of paid sick leave each year. With this new law, Kristin notes that “employers will need to adjust paid-time-off policies so that all workers, including part-time employees, can start earning paid sick leave from the day they start rather than after a delayed period.”

Kristin’s take-home message for employers is “[w]ith the enactment of paid sick leave going into effect in January 2021, and Paid Family and Medical Leave in January 2023, Colorado employers need to start making adjustments now in both policy and their bottom line to account for these changes.”

To read the articles, visit the Denver Business Journal’s November 4, 2020 story and its previous story from October 29, 2020.



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