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Dating a Co-Worker? You May Need a Love Contract


Clarence Belnavis discusses how love contracts – known more formally as consensual relationship agreements – protect both employers and workers in the article “Dating a Co-Worker? You May Need a Love Contract” featured in the Boston Globe.  

These contracts generally note that sexual harassment is prohibited and forbid signers from being involved in each other’s jobs, or retaliating against each other down the road, in an attempt to maintain an environment free of favoritism and avoid later claims that the relationship was coerced. 

Beyond protecting the company, love contracts can protect workers, too, said Clarence, by letting them know human resources is open to addressing any potential problems and takes the issue seriously. 

“Sitting down and having these conversations with folks lets people know that any complaints are going to be welcome,” he added. “I think it’s a very empowering conversation.” 

To read the full article, visit the Boston Globe.


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