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Data Security Risks Grow


Atlanta attorney Michael Elkon was interviewed by Modern Distribution Management for the article “Data Security Risks Grow.”

The August 10 article focused on how companies can reduce the risk of critical data, such as trade secrets, customer lists, and other intellectual property, from getting into the wrong hands.

Michael noted that, in this age of mobile technology, data is now easier to store than ever before, but it also may be more valuable.

The fact that information is now stored electronically as opposed to in physical files, makes it much easier to steal information without being immediately detected.

Employees also work remotely more than ever before, accessing company information from mobile devices. Michael recommended that employers be proactive when it comes to data security.

The cases he handles are nicknamed “business divorce” cases since business disputes about who gets to work with clients could be compared to custody disputes and property ownership.

Michael said: “To continue with that analogy, the same way that nobody goes into a marriage thinking about a divorce, and nobody likes to think about a pre-nup, nobody goes into an employment relationship thinking ‘This guy’s going to leave me and go to a competitor in two years.’”

But given how many marriages end in divorce and how many employment relationships end with the employee getting fired or choosing to go elsewhere, planning for the worst is necessary.

Having the right policies and agreements in place can often prevent problems before they happen. “That preventive work is, frankly, a lot cheaper than trying to chase after an employee that has stolen something after he or she leaves.”


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