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Damage Control for Employees’ Online Posts Can Prove Risky


As much as employers might try to dissociate themselves from their employees private social media lives, there are times when they must get involved. In the article, "Damage Control for Employees’ Online Posts Can Prove Risky," featured in Law Week Colorado, Attorneys Todd Fredrickson and Danielle Urban contribute their thoughts on the matter.

"Folks who use social media have been sort of emboldened" to make more controversial or racially charged statements online, partly as a result of the rhetoric from the 2016 presidential election, said Todd. "They feel you can turn off the political correctness and say whatever you want to say" without suffering consequences.

Danielle added, "Employers need to stay vigilant about their online reputation." They should "proceed thoughtfully" and get legal advice before they fire someone for his or her social media activity, however, seeing how different state statutory protections might apply, Urban said. 

To read the full article, please visit Law Week Colorado. (Subscription required)

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