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Cyberbullying: Should Schools Police Students' Social Media Accounts?


The Christian Science Monitor quoted Fort Lauderdale partner Suzanne Bogdan, chair of the firm's Education Practice Group, in the September 17 article “Cyberbullying: Should Schools Police Students' Social Media Accounts?” 

The article, which was picked up by several other media outlets around the country, reported on the controversy surrounding a decision by the Glendale Unified School District in Glendale, California, to hire a firm to monitor its students’ social media accounts in an attempt to prevent cyberbullying.

Many are applauding the decision, but others say the school district, though well meaning, is entering into dangerous moral and legal ground.

Suzanne stressed the need for greater involvement by both parents and schools to combat the growing number of cyberbullying incidents.

She noted that a number of apps are not public. “Most parents don’t have a clue about how these social media sites and apps work, so some training there would be in order.”  


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