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Cop Says Female Boss Sexually Harassed Him, Sues County


In the article, "Cop Says Female Boss Sexually Harassed Him, Sues County," featured in USA Today, attorney Scott Schneider comments on a case where a male officer files a lawsuit against a female boss that was allegedly sexually harassing him. 

"There are clearly cultural barriers for men to come forward with those sorts of allegations," said New Orleans employment attorney Scott, who noted that more sexual harassment could be going on against males by women than we know about.

"But for a variety of reasons ... a substantial percentage of those men probably don't come forward with it," said Scott, of the national Fisher and Phillips employment law firm. "There's a social stigma for a man to come forward."

Scott said one problem in the workplace that gives rise to sexual harassment claims is supervisors getting into relationships with a subordinate. This, he stressed, should be avoided.

"I’ve seen this a number of times. There’s a consensual relationship between a boss and subordinate. Someone breaks it off. The boss is a jilted lover and retaliates," Scott said. "Sometimes they end up in wonderful marriages. But typically they end up really poorly. And that's why we tell people, 'Not a good idea.'"

To read the full article, please visit USA Today.

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