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Calls for ‘sanctuary’ campuses multiply as fears grow over Trump immigration policy


In the article, "Calls for ‘sanctuary’ campuses multiply as fears grow over Trump immigration policy," featured in The Washington Post, attorney, Scott Schneider discusses The University of Notre Dame declaring itself a sanctuary campus and offering protections for undocumented students, staff and family members facing the threat of deportation.

“The designation of being a sanctuary campus means, in essence, that you’re not going to voluntarily comply with certain requests,” says Scott Schneider, a higher education lawyer in Louisiana with the firm Fisher Phillips. “It’s the school saying, you just can’t come willy-nilly on campus and get this sort of information. That’s the practical significance of this. But for better or worse, it ain’t difficult at this point to get a warrant to secure that sort of information, so it may be more symbol over substance.”

Under federal law, Schneider said, “there would be no basis for the Department of Education or any arm of the government to pull federal funds from a university for refusing to voluntarily cooperate with immigration authorities.”

To read the full article, please visit The Washington Post.


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