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California Lawmakers Pass Statewide ‘Ban-the-Box’ Law


California may soon become the 10th state to require private-sector employers to "ban the box". In the article, "California Lawmakers Pass Statewide ‘Ban-the-Box’ Law," featured in SHRM, Of Counsel Benjamin Ebbink discusses the likelihood of Governor Jerry Brown passing A.B. 1008.

Brown has until Oct. 15 to sign A.B. 1008. The chances of the governor signing the bill increased significantly after the California Chamber of Commerce and a coalition of employer groups dropped their opposition to it, based on several amendments added in the state Senate, explained Ebbink.

"I think this is somewhat inevitable here in California," he said. "These ban-the-box provisions are popular and there is a wave of these laws at the state and local level. If A.B. 1008 is not signed, I think a similar bill will be signed in the near future."

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