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Businesses Seek Guidance on New Labor Board Rule


Steve Bernstein was quoted in the Wall Street Journal on April 16, 2015. The article “Businesses Seek Guidance on New Labor Board Rule” discussed how a newly passed National Labor Relations Board rule that streamlines and expedites union organizing has businesses seeking strategic advice on how to stay union-free.

Steve said he has been fielding phone calls from clients at five times the usual rate, driven by businesses concerned about a new federal rule that could spur union organizing.

Businesses, Steve noted, are worried that they are ill-prepared for what could be a spurt of union activity as a result of the National Labor Relations Board rule, which streamlines and expedites union organizing.

“In a nutshell, reality is setting in...and we’re getting client inquiries at a more rapid clip,” said Steve.

Steve said businesses wary of a union “fear that they will lose that flexibility and the culture that many employees take for granted.”

To read the full article, please visit the Wall Street Journal.


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