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Biz Leaders In State Of Emergency Over Proposal Allowing Government To Determine Paid Days Off Worries Many


David Lichtenberg was quoted in an article published on

State Sen. Peter Barnes (D-Edison) is set to introduce a bill that would allow employees unable to make it to work during a declared state of emergency to stay home without the threat of sacrificing any sick, vacation, personal or other paid or unpaid leave days, according to the article.

The bill would not require businesses to close during a state of emergency, but it would fine employers who punished their employees for not showing up. Those fines would start at around $5,000.

According to the article, the bill raises red flags for those in the state’s business community.

David called the bill a “knee-jerk reaction” to the tough winter the state has faced. Looking across the country, David has never heard of legislation tying state of emergency declarations to the workplace.

With the bill still yet to be posted, David said it’s unclear whether provisions such as an exemption of certain industries and allowing for telecommuting will be made.

“I think any time that the government dictates what an employer can and can’t do with its own internal policy, it creates a real friction between the state and businesses,” he said.

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