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BigLaw Reacts To Trump's Election To The White House


In the article, “BigLaw Reacts To Trump's Election To The White House,” featured in Law360, attorneys discussed how they think a Trump presidency may impact the regulatory landscape and what it will mean for their practices and their clients.

Partner Cheryl Pinarchick said, “Pay equity became a hot topic during the presidential race, with both candidates supporting — at least in principle — equal pay for equal work. With Donald Trump as president, I think we’re less likely to see any sweeping federal reform, but we will likely continue to see an increase in states passing pay equity laws making it easier to establish pay discrimination. The new EEO-1 pay data reporting requirements are also going to make pay data much more available to potential plaintiffs. As a result, I expect be spending more time defending pay discrimination cases and conducting audits of pay practices.”

Partner Chris Stief said, “A Donald Trump presidency is likely to alter the current administration’s highly critical posture toward restrictive covenants, which culminated with the White House’s recent “call to action” encouraging state legislatures to pass new laws limiting the use of non-compete agreements. In light of his business background and the published reports that Mr. Trump had many of his campaign staffers sign restrictive covenants, it seems likely he would not continue the Obama administration’s hostility toward non-competes. Indeed, he might well veto any Congressional legislation designed to limit the use of non-competes with lower-wage workers.”

To read the full article, please visit Law360.

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