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Benefits That Fit Your Business


Jennifer Sandberg was quoted in the National Oil & Labor News article “Benefits That Fit Your Business.”

Though we receive no benefits or pay from the roles we play in our personal lives, we do expect to be compensated for our professional work with a competitive salary and benefits package.

One of the most universal employee benefits—and most buzzed about in light of the Affordable Care Act—are health benefits.

“Anytime employers are making employment law decisions, they need to know the law in their state,” said Jennifer. “Be very careful about following advice and suggestions or adopting policies from co-worker friends in other states. If you own a Jiffy Lube in Georgia, an operator in California can’t just say, ‘Oh, that’s great, let me borrow it.’ While it may be perfect for the Georgia employer, it is not going to be perfect for the California employer.”

One common mistake when it comes to employee benefits is not thinking about the “why” behind the benefits you are offering.

“Are you spending more money than you need to spend?” She said. “Are you not spending enough and impacting recruiting and retention? Another potential mistake is failing to think about your employee population. Maybe you have an employee population where a 401k doesn’t really make sense, or maybe you don’t offer short-term disability insurance and your employees are the very people who might be most vulnerable.

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