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Becoming an Employment Litigator: A View From the Defense Side


An article by Tim Murphy entitled “Becoming and Employment Litigator: A View from the Defense Side,” was featured on The Recorder.

Representing the employer in an employment case is extremely interesting, very challenging and unlike roles traditionally adopted in other types of litigation, Tim wrote.

The first step in becoming a successful employment defense lawyer is to forget most of what you have already learned about strategy and tactics applied in the other areas of law, Tim suggested. subscribers can click here for details on Tim’s five tips:

  1. Employment cases truly are unique
  2. Fairness is the key issue in defense of employment cases
  3. Avoid the trap inherent in preparing cases only for summary judgment
  4. Prepare your case to be personal and focused on the key issue of fairness
  5. Successful employment defense lawyers must be trusted by the judge or jury


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