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Be Mindful of Foreign Laws Governing Overseas Employees


Denver partner Danielle Urban was interviewed for the March 5 Denver Business Journal article "Be Mindful of Foreign Laws Governing Overseas Employees." Companies that open offices overseas should be aware that other countries' labor laws often differ from those in the United States. Danielle discussed some of the issues that companies may face when they have or acquire employees overseas. She said that companies handling employee labor issues overseas need to be careful to understand the patchwork of laws in the countries and localities where they operate. "Before you make a move, know what laws cover you as an employer." Employment contracts, leave time, unions, noncompetitive agreements, and termination policies can be very different overseas and each country has its own issues. "Cultural things we take for granted here are looked at differently in other countries, and you need to approach another culture looking from their point of view."

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