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Bathroom Ban on Transgender Male Police Officer Violates Title VII


The article, “Bathroom Ban on Transgender Male Police Officer Violates Title VII,” featured on Bloomberg BNA, reported on a case in which a Nevada school district was forbidden to ban a transgender male police officer from using the men's bathroom at work.

 Randy Coffee weighed in on the case.

The Nevada decision illustrates the “confusion and turmoil” in the lower federal courts about how to handle Title VII sex discrimination claims involving transgender workers, said Randy.

The school district required Roberts to use a gender-neutral bathroom, which some other courts have found to be a nondiscriminatory solution, Randy told Bloomberg BNA Oct. 6.

The court engaged in “kind of a suspect analysis” in finding that Roberts experienced “adverse employment action,” which generally is defined as decisions affecting pay, benefits and employment status, he said.

To read the full article, please visit Bloomberg BNA.


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