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Attorneys Prepare Employers for I.C.E Visits


Jocelyn Campanaro and Ben Ebbink are quoted in the SHRM article “California Immigration Law Places Employers in Tough Position.” In response to the Trump Administration increasing enforcement on undocumented workers, California passed its new immigration law, AB 450, aimed at protecting immigrants’ rights. This state law places restrictions on U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents’ ability to enter the workplace and review employee records. Ben said “that when talking to clients last year about AB 450, they expressed worry and confusion and perceived it to be a no-win situation. Then in January, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra heightened their fears. Becerra held a news conference, warning employers of harsh consequences if they violated the California law.”

Jocelyn and Ben provide tips to prepare employers in the event federal immigrations visits their workplace.

“Employers should select an "immigration point person" to speak with ICE agents who arrive at the workplace,” according to Ben. “If ICE agents do arrive, staff should make sure that the agents remain in a public workspace”, he added.”

Jocelyn noted that “if an employer does an audit and finds that the information is incorrect, documentation is missing or someone isn't authorized to work, this can be corrected and it wouldn't be a reverification.”

To read the full article, visit SHRM.

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