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Attorneys Comment on Supreme Court’s Wage-Hour Shift: Impacts OT and Minimum Wage


Attorneys Karl Lindegren and Wendy McGuire Coats were quoted in the Big Law Business article “Supreme Court’s Wage, Hour Shift: More Than Minor Tune-up.” This article discusses the U.S Supreme Court decision to abandon a longstanding principle for how exemptions are applied to the Fair Labor Standards Act’s minimum wage and overtime requirements.  The Supreme Court ruled that under the Fair Labor Standards Act, car service advisors are exempt from overtime. This decision will result in fewer workers being eligible for overtime and minimum wage.

According to Wendy, the rejection of this narrow principle established more fairness in how courts apply exemptions. Regarding the new ruling’s favorability to employers, she said, “Courts are routinely in the position of applying statutory construction to all sorts of statutes. Now they’re going to have a fair shake as opposed to one with their thumb on the scale.”

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