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Attorney Weighs in on U.S. Supreme Court Class Action Ruling


Chris Stief is quoted in The Inquirer article “Should Your Employer Be Able to Stop You from Joining a Class-Action?” In this article, Chris explains the effect on employers and employees if the U.S Supreme Court supports companies using arbitration agreements to ban class action suits.

If the ruling is favorable to employees, he expects employers who have arbitration agreements that ban class-actions to modify their agreements. Chris said, “Some employers offer an opt-out option to these agreements, and if they do, they likely won’t need to rewrite them.”

If the ruling favors employers, he expects more employers will begin to use arbitration agreements.

When asked what employees can do if their new company asks you to sign an arbitration agreement, Chris said that he’s seen some companies that “have a tolerance for non-uniformity” and that are willing to negotiate, but it really depends on company culture and policy.” He also points out that some companies also include that opt-out provision when barring class-actions.

To read the full article, visit The Inquirer.


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