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Attorney Comments On the Use of Apps For Anonymously Reporting Sexual Harassment


Sheila Willis was quoted in the Human Resource Executive article "Apps Help Anonymously Report Sexual Harassment." This article discusses the high tech approach companies are taking by offering smartphone apps and web platforms for employees to anonymously report sexual harassment and ask about workplace policies.

While Sheila says that anything that raises awareness around the problem of sexual harassment is a plus, she is concerned that these options serve as little more than data-collection tools and fail to provide the kind of individualized report that leads to a thorough investigation. "Oftentimes, they may not get enough information to do a proper investigation, which has the potential to let the person continue committing the behavior," says Sheila. "While it may be cathartic for the person who endured the sexual harassment, it limits the employer's ability to remedy the situation."

To read the full article, visit Human Resource Executive.


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