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Attorney Comments on New California State Supreme Court Ruling


Rich Meneghello is quoted in the Los Angeles Times article "Uber, Lyft and Other Gig Jobs May Face a Shakeup Under New California Work Rules." This article discusses the effects on companies in the gig economy after the California Supreme Court’s new ruling on how to classify independent contractors. The ruling simplified a multistep test that focused on how much control employers had over a worker. The new standard is a three-step test with the primary focus on whether the contractor is performing work outside of the company's usual course of business.

Rich, who co-chairs the  Fisher Phillips Gig Economy Practice Group, said companies "will find it difficult to argue that workers are independent if they have to answer "no" to the question ‘If you remove the people currently classified as independent contract workers, would that company still exist?’"

To read the full article, visit Los Angeles Times.


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