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Arpaio, Feds Take Different Illegal-Immigration Paths


Phoenix Managing Partner Pavneet Singh Uppal was interviewed for the September 30 Phoenix Business Journal article "Arpaio, Feds Take Different Illegal-Immigration Paths." The article noted the two different types of immigration laws currently being enforced in Arizona. The state law targets immigrant workers who are working under fake identification and work documents, while the federal law puts the focus on employers who habitually hire undocumented workers. Federal authorities arrest and detain undocumented immigrants who have serious criminal records, but often release those who are in the country illegally but have no criminal pasts. Those workers are simply ordered to appear before an immigration judge. Pavneet said that he has heard of cases in which federal agents are not detaining illegal immigrant workers. He also said he expects to see another round of ICE business audits initiated in the fourth quarter.


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