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Are You Entitled To Overtime Pay?


Partner Joel Rice was quoted in an article entitled “Are You Entitled To Overtime Pay?” published on the Fortune website.

According to the article, overtime is an issue  that keeps heating up. The Supreme Court recently agreed to hear a case on whether Amazon warehouse workers should be paid for the hours each week that they spend going through security checks. Also, the Obama Administration announced a plan to expand the federal definition of who is entitled to overtime.

To be considered exempt from overtime under the FLSA, an employee has to meet both a salary test and a duties test, according to the article.

"Classifying any employee correctly depends so much on the details of the particular job, and how the person performs it, that it's impossible to generalize," said Joel. "For example, if you have a lot of discretion in how you spend your time, you can be covered by an exemption even though you don't supervise anybody."


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