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Addressing Employers Use of Biometric Data


As technology continues to advance into all facets of daily life, data security is an ever-increasing concern, and the workplace is no exception. While employee identification badges have been around for decades, employers are increasingly using other forms of biometric data, like fingerprint and palm print scans, facial recognition, iris scans and voice prints, to confirm identity for security purposes or to track employee attendance. In a bylined article for Cleveland SHRM’s newsletter, Jerry Cline outlines how employers – or a hired third party – should handle obtaining, disseminating and storing an employee’s biometric data. These tips include notifying all employees in writing of the company’s biometric data policy, including the rationale for the policy and what safeguards will be provided, and providing accommodations for employees with disabilities or religious beliefs.

This article is available in the July print edition of the Cleveland SHRM newsletter.


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