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A Time Clock In Your Pocket


Mark Ricciardi, managing partner in Las Vegas, was quoted in the June 6 article "A Time Clock In Your Pocket" published by the Las Vegas Business Press. The article focused on the Department of Labor's new app that allows employees to keep track of their hours worked on their smartphones. Mark said that while workers have long been able to write down their work hours in a journal, the ease of the new labor department app may make it more inviting. "The Department of Labor is encouraging workers to keep separate sets of books and help (the department) do their job." Mark said the new app makes it more imperative for companies to keep exact hourly records for employees. "If employers are not keeping good records, the Department of Labor is likely to give more weight to employees' records." Mark also pointed out that it's easy for an employee to contact the DOL through the new hours-tracking app. "Once they are done, the employee has the option to email their records from the phone to anyone they want, including the Department of Labor."


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