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A Complicated Legal Landscape For Employers


Atlanta attorney Terri Stewart was interviewed on the High Velocity Radio Show on Atlanta Business RadioX on February 6 about the numerous local, state and federal laws that can create a complicated legal landscape for employers. One important area she noted was "The Bermuda Triangle" of labor laws - Workers' Compensation, the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act. These laws can be very tricky for employers to navigate. Another important issue she discussed was today's electronic world of social media and its impact on workplace related lawsuits. Terri said that the amount of content generated on a daily basis that can relate to a claim is shocking. People have no problem including content in a Tweet, Facebook post, or email that they would never have written in a letter or said in person. She emphasized the importance of an organization having a clear social media and document retention policy in order to preserve any evidence that may be needed in the future.

Click here to listen to the interview.


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