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4 Takeaways As NLRB Directors Decry Proposed Overhaul


Steve Bernstein is quoted in the Law360 article “4 Takeaways As NLRB Directors Decry Proposed Overhaul.” The article discusses a proposed operational overhaul that includes demoting the NLRB’s largely autonomous regional directors and subjecting them to new layers of oversight. NLRB General Counsel Peter Robb shared his proposal with regional directors in a January 11th conference call. Robb would place the regions under the oversight of a smaller group of “district directors.” 

“Our clients will be less susceptible to minor or substantial variations between regions that are no more than a few miles apart,” said Steve. “We’re looking forward to practicing in that environment and to representing our clients in an environment that lends itself to more consistency and less volatility.” 

To read the full article, visit Law360.


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