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16 Great Lessons From This Week’s Big HR-fest in Washington


The article, “16 Great Lessons From This Week’s Big HR-fest in Washington,” featured in Business Management, highlighted the best nuggets of wisdom left behind by the 200+ speakers at the Annual Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Conference.

Here are a few “nuggets” from Fisher Phillips attorneys.

ACCOMMODATING DISABILITIES. “Claiming an accommodation costs too much is almost always a loser in court. The jury doesn’t care about that. Instead of focusing on financial cost, focus on the resulting impact on the co-workers [such as extra hours that need to be worked].” – Pavneet Uppal, Fisher Phillips 

PRE-HIRE TESTING. “Never assume that someone cannot perform the essential functions of the job … that is the biggest mistake employers make with the ADA.” – Shayna Balch, Fisher Phillips

To read the full article, please visit Business Management.

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