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Title IX Training for Ohio Colleges & Universities

Hosted by Fisher Phillips and ClearPath Benefit Advisors
Date and Time
8:30 AM- 3:30 PM

Roush Hall, 1st Floor
27 South Grove Street
Westerville,OH 43081

No higher education compliance issue has garnered more attention over the last several years than the challenge to combat campus sexual assault. Unfortunately, lucrative cottage industries have sprung up around this issue which often offer nothing but impractical counsel, especially for schools of modest resources.

Please join us for an exclusive Title IX seminar which cuts through the Title IX noise and focuses on a practical and cost effective approach to compliance and to preserving an institution’s trust and reputation.


Understanding the Basics
This segment will provide a short introduction to Title IX, explaining the history of the law and how it has been applied, including a discussion of the particular types of conduct that would constitute sexual violence (including same-sex sexual violence), the proper standard of review for sexual violence complaints (preponderance of the evidence), and the need for remedial actions for the perpetrator, complainant, and the school community.

What You Need to Know About OCR Compliance Reviews
A summary of recurring Title IX process flaws that have been identified by the Department of Education when DOE reviews institutional compliance will be discussed. This segment will have a particular emphasis on compliance reviews involving institutions in Region 5.

A Discussion of Relevant Case Law
Litigation regarding student sex assault is on the rise, both from victims of sexual assault who are filing Title IX claims against institutions and students who are disciplined by schools after being found responsible for engaging in sexual misconduct. This segment will provide a review of the case law nationally and in Ohio with a particular emphasis on court decisions dealing with Title IX, due process and breach of contract challenges to discipline, and fundamental fairness claims. It will also provide practical risk management tips to position the school for success in the event it ends up in similar litigation.

Best Practices in Investigating and Report Writing
Developing skills in this area is important and this segment will discuss best practices for investigating and considering complaints of sexual misconduct, including effective interviewing skills; information on consent and the role drugs or alcohol can play in the ability to consent; assessing credibility; weighing evidence; and how to assess complainant’s requests for confidentiality. We will also discuss how to write reports that can withstand scrutiny.

The State of the Art in Title IX Best Practices
The Pareto principle is an oft-cited maxim that posits that 20% of your time produces 80% of your results. We believe this is true for Title IX compliance as well and will suggest a handful of best practices already being utilized at other colleges and universities that can be customized for your institutions and which will help you achieve substantial Title IX compliance.

$75 per person for early registration (by October 7). 
Use priority code: SAH435

$100 per person for day of event (October 28).

Program includes breakfast and lunch.

For questions, please contact Deborah Durbin, at or (614) 221-1425.

**This program has been submitted to the HR Certification Institute and SHRM for review.


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