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Protecting Your Confidential Information, Relationships and Talent: Non-Compete Agreements, Trade Secrets and Computer Protection Laws

Date and Time

Michael Elkon presented a webinar entitled "Protecting Your Confidential Information, Relationships and Talent," on February 19, 2014.

The webinar was a three part Lunch and Learn webinar series.

In a world where employees can take valuable trade secrets on a flash drive that fits on a key chain or using an email that can be the proverbial needle in a haystack of a sent folder, companies have to focus on protecting their trade secrets on the front end.

Additionally, in an economy where relationships and information take precedence, it is critical for a company to both retain its employees entrusted with those assets and also effectively recruit talent from competitors in a legally sound manner.

Michael explained the legal landscape for companies protecting their information and relationships and also hiring key personnel, with a special focus on non-compete agreements, trade secret protection, and computer abuse statutes.

Watch the webinar.

HRCI credit is only awarded for participating in live webinars.  


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