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Managing March Madness in California – Office Pools, Alcohol, Marijuana, E-Cigarettes, Piercings and Other Maddening Behavior

Date and Time
10:00 – 11:00 AM PST


March Madness captures the attention of millions of fans every year, but it also brings potential liability for employers. Betting pools at work are very common and a decrease in efficiency is unsurprising. Many employers turn a blind eye towards these pools, figuring that they help to maintain morale and build camaraderie. Fisher Phillips attorney, Alexa Hanlon will discuss the legal exposure an employer may face with inter-office betting, and how an employer can avoid a loss of productivity. We will also discuss several other “bad” behavior from alcohol, tattoos, piercings and how to address the changing laws regarding marijuana and e-cigarettes.

 If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Barry-Smith.

Fisher Phillips is committed to providing access to all of our events for disabled attendees. Please contact Jennifer Barry Smith if you need an accommodation to participate in this event, please give us 72-hours’ advance notice prior to the scheduled event. Thank you.


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