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Best Practices for Assigning Expatriates Abroad

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This webinar was originally presented in August 2013.

This webinar provides solutions to the complex issues that face business leaders, HR professionals, benefits managers and in-house counsel who send employees on global assignments.  Managing this process requires understanding of contract, tax, benefits and the various and evolving employment laws of countries outside of the United States.

Topics include:  secondment agreements and international assignment letters; how international laws can affect creating and managing these arrangements and how U.S. “long-arm statutes” protect U. S. citizens working abroad; tax and social security issues that face both employers and employees; and best practices for the global employer.

Attorneys from the International Employment Practice Group at Fisher Phillips present free webinars designed for employers and human resource professionals whose organizations employ workers internationally. These hour long webinars address issues of significance to today’s global employer. 

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