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Accommodating Religious Beliefs and Practices in the Workplace: Employee Rights and Employer Obligations

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This webinar was originally presented in May 2010.

Federal law requires that employers must reasonably accommodate an employee's religious practices and beliefs unless doing so would impose an undue hardship on the employer. But what is the definition of "reasonable accommodation?" What happens when an employee's religious beliefs or practices conflict with job requirements? Do you know what counts as a religious belief that needs to be accommodated and what is considered "undue hardship?" Religion in the workplace is one of the most difficult areas for employers to navigate. In our increasingly diverse society, religious accommodation in the workplace is something that employers must be prepared to deal with.

In this webinar the labor and employment attorneys at Fisher Phillips will explain the definition of "reasonable accommodation" under the law, as well as guide you through the steps you can take to accommodate the religious beliefs of your employees without causing disruption to productivity or other hardships within your company.

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