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Catastrophic Accidents: Prevention and Handling - Workforce Safety and OSHA Webinar Forum

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Edwin G. Foulke, Jr. presented a webinar entitled "Catastrophic Workplace Accidents: It Could Happen To You," on September 16, 2014.

Catastrophic Workplace Accidents: It Could Happen To You
No employer ever expects a catastrophic workplace accident or incident to occur at their work site. However, while the American workplace is safer than ever, hardly a week goes by without a news report concerning a plant explosion, a chemical release or a fatality arising out of a workplace accident. The fact is that these events do happen, and it is critical that you have an effective response plan in place.

Reacting after the fact will only complicate things…poor response to the event, fragmented and inconsistent communication both internally and externally, difficulty and delays in getting operations back on line. Clearly the best approach is to have a good overall EHS program to avoid such incidents AND to have an effective response plan in case something catastrophic does happen. But how best to prepare?

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