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13 Strategies for Improving Your Safety Program - Workforce Safety and OSHA Webinar Forum

Date and Time

Tiffany Casey presented a webinar entitled, "13 Strategies for Improving Your Safety Program" on October 21, 2014.

If OSHA has fallen off your radar screen, it is time to put it back on. The number of OSHA penalties in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars has significantly increased in the past year. This session will examine the new enforcement-focused OSHA and new special emphasis programs as well as safety legislation changes currently being debated in Congress. The session will also review the essential elements of OSHA compliance and an effective workplace safety and health program, with an eye to the use of safety issues by unions and a growing group of whistleblowers. The session will explain how, when used properly, safety compliance can be a "profit center" and not another administrative cost.

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