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2015 Human Resources & Employment Law Briefing

Date and Time

The Metro Atlanta Chamber and Fisher Phillips are pleased to present the 2015 Human Resources and Employment Law Briefing. Business owners, managers and human resources professionals are cordially invited to attend.

The Human Resources and Employment Law Survey is designed to provide business owners, managers and HR professionals with knowledge about the most prominent topics that impact their business.

Topics will include:

Wage & Hour Pitfalls
Presented by: Thomas P. Rebel

Wage and hour compliance continues to be a bugaboo for many employers – and a target for state and federal agencies and plaintiffs’ lawyers. In this session, we will review the most common trouble spots for employers and discuss ways employers can proactively reduce their wage-and-hour liability.

Immigration Compliance: Tips to Avoid and Handle a Government Investigation
Presented by: Jessica T. Cook

Learn how to conduct an I-9 self-audit and correct errors, how to handle an Immigration and Customs Enforcement I-9 audit and how to avoid a Department of Justice immigration discrimination investigation.

Affordable Care Act: Where Are We Now?
Presented by: Lorie Maring

2015 is a big year for ACA implementation. As the “Employer Mandate” takes effect for large employers, employees will begin to focus on the “Individual Mandate” as they prepare their 2014 tax returns, and the Supreme Court may throw the entire law into chaos if it rules that tax subsidies may not be paid through the Federal Insurance Exchange. This program will focus on the most important things that employers of all sizes need to know, including strategies for avoiding (or at least managing) Employer Mandate penal­ties, how the Employer Mandate obligations impact benefit continuation requirements for employees out on a leave, and best practices for complying with an ever-expanding web of complex rules and obligations.

Discipline & Discharge: Keeping Discipline & Termination “N.E.A.T.” and “C.L.E.A.N.”
Presented by: Joseph P. Shelton

Let’s face it, disciplining and terminating employees can be a messy and unpleasant experience. If you are a manager, you’ve in all likelihood had to deal with these difficult situations at least once in your career. Many employment litigation suits filed are by disgruntled employees who felt they were “wrongfully terminated” regardless of the reason. In our presentation, we will discuss how to avoid these situations by using a “N.E.A.T.” and “C.L.E.A.N.” method of discipline and discharge sure to save you headache AND heartache.

A Quick Review of Hot Topics ADA and FMLA
Presented by: Myra K. Creighton

Dealing with ADA and FMLA issues has always been a challenge for employers. As the definition of what is a disability expands, is there anyone who ISN’T disabled? When examining essential job functions, isn’t attendance ALWAYS essential? How much leave is enough? How do you know the employee really is incapacitated? And if there’s no injury, there’s no claim, right? We’ll answer these and other questions that in-house counsel needs to know.

8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
Breakfast and Registration

8:30 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Date and Location:
Thursday, April 30, 2015

UPS Headquarters
55 Glenlake Parkway NE
1st Floor Auditorium
Atlanta, GA, 30328

Registration is required. Please register at

For questions, please contact Stacey McReynolds at or (404) 240-4280.

**This program is HRCI approved.

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