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10/10 CEHR4M - Nimbler and More Agile

Carolinas Energy HR Professionals Forum
Date and Time
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT

Multiple Locations
(See below)

Program includes Lunch & 4 HRCI & 4 SHRM Credits – Three Physical Locations

For human resource, recruitment, organization development and change management professionals across all industries, operations and engineering leaders, college/university students and SHRM members.

The Energy Industry is changing dramatically: coal and nuclear-fired power plants are closing and hundreds of dispersed solar, wind and other power sources are taking their place. Large customers are less reliant on the grid - pursuing their own sources of "green" electricity. The energy workforce is "greying out" with a substantial turnover and STEM competency expected. New employees and customers expect their information to be available now and mobile.

With these changes - can HR still do business as usual? Will the existing silos of recruiting, training, employee relations, compliance, compensation, and benefits make HR less effective? How can HR become more nimble and agile? What are best practices?

We will have a panel discussion focusing on the technologies and economics that are driving change and what this means to HR and Organization Development professionals. This panel will discuss how to manage HR in Real Time. And, not just for the energy industry- All HR teams can become more nimble and all are invited to join us.

12 Noon – Lunch & Introductions – Linda Okowita, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Congentrix Energy Power Management and David Doctor, President & CEO, E4 Carolinas.

12:15 – 1:00 Jim Little - Changes Driving Energy - Moving to a Service Model – Challenges Ahead

1:00 – 1:45 The SAS Culture Code: Making Employees a Top Priority Makes Good Business Sense – via SKYPE from Raleigh, NC Shannon Allen, Senior Manager, Communications and Business Operations, and Allison Bonner, Human Resources Communications Specialist from SAS with Dana Davis from North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation

1:45 - 2:30 Resilience and Agility in Energy Orgs - Overcoming the Barriers - Dr Pam Ey, Training Consultant, SOS Intl.

2:30 - 2:45 Break - Sherri Baldwin, Principal, LeadAdvantage

2:45 - 3 PM Adam Bridgers, Attorney, Fisher Phillips - HR in a time of hate speech - what's an HR pro to do?

3 : 00 - 3:45 Leadership & Organization Change - Innovation in Engineering/Management via SKYPE from Clemson, Charleston, SC - Johan Enslin, PhD, Executive Director, Energy Systems Program, Clemson University

3:45 Panel Introduction - Gilbert Browne, President, G. Browne & Associates

3: 45 – 4:45 Facilitated Discussion – Investor Owned Utilities vs Public Power - Muni's & Coops - Flavors of HR Cultures and the Systems Thinking approach – Matt Sadinsky, CEO, PReP, Intl.

Panel: All Speakers

4:45 - Conclusion & refreshments

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