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COVID-19 Employment Litigation Tracker

COVID-19 Employment Litigation Tracker

This COVID-19 Employment Litigation Tracker includes cases that were a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic and are traditional employee vs. employer cases - both individual plaintiff and class actions. This should be considered a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, dataset.

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COVID-19 Employment Litigation Overview

Even before many states have opened back up for business, plaintiffs’ lawyers have already begun filing lawsuits against employers, asserting a variety of claims – from workplace safety violations and wage and hour issues, to discrimination and employee privacy claims. Because of the speed at which laws have changed and the rapidly evolving circumstances – and ambiguity on how to manage certain situations – employers have been and will continue to be a hot target for labor and employment litigation arising from COVID-19 in the coming months.

You trusted us to guide you through the front side of the curve as you grappled with keeping up with fast-breaking legal developments, and we are here to advise and defend you through the resulting lawsuits, charges, and other legal claims you may soon face. Our talented team of litigators from across the country has been studying the nuances of the new legal requirements, tracking the varied legal claims springing from the COVID-19 crisis, and developing defense strategies to best position our clients to get through this new era. Our team is prepared to help employers nationwide with legal disputes related to:

California Litigation Co-Chairs

Karl Lindegren
Kristen Nesbit

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Litigation of Employment Disputes co-chairs

Todd Ewan
Suzanne Michael

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Wage & Hour Litigation Co-Chairs

Kathie Caminiti
Hagood Tighe

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Workplace Safety & OSha Litigation Co-Chairs

Todd Logsdon
Travis Vance

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