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My Company Isn't Regulated By MSHA . . . Is It?

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who has not heard of OSHA. OSHA's presence is felt by employers across broad segments of American industry, from construction to food service. What many people don't realize, however, is the pervasiveness of OSHA's (older) sister agency, the Mine Safety and Health Administration, or MSHA.

MSHA's title can be misleading: the agency's jurisdiction is far more expansive than many people realize. In addition to the obvious industries that are affected - coal mining, quarries, and other mineral extraction, including sand and gravel pits, limestone, gold, etc. - MSHA's reach extends to related industries including construction, trucking, blasting, milling, manufacturing and supply, engineering firms, and many more. Even the person who restocks the vending machine at the mine site must be given some minimal safety training.

If you're new to MSHA and you want to learn more (or you think MSHA may apply to your company) you should check out my article OSHA's Twin Sister Is In Your Backyard.

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