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More Safety Tips From Award Winning Companies

OK. Part deux. This time, we'll list "Pre-Plan, Pre-Project and Pre-Task" efforts by 2013 Willis AGC construction safety excellence award winners ....

  • "Take 30" - with a 5 question thinking checklist before beginning any task or coming back from a break or other duty - Take 30 seconds to identify any potential hazards
  • SWP - "Standard Work Practices" a step-by-step guide for each work activity which integrates the right methods for Production, Quality, and Safety into one document
  • Fall protection training for special/building inspectors so they can safely inspect work at heights
  • "Safety Store" for ordering PPE, Traffic Control devices, first aid supplies, confined space equipment, and more at no cost to the project - Safety Store costs come out of the Safety and Risk Management department budget
  • Flash Drives loaded with all company safety information that project management can plug into their computer for up to date safety information, forms, safety manual
  • Using course of construction design ideas in the Design/Build process to maximize safe construction
    S.T.O.P.S. - Safety Through Operations & Procedures
  • Orange Safety Buckets with accident and emergency equipment strategically located throughout project

Next, I'll post Work Task Design ideas, and Identification, Analysis, and Control strategies.

Hopefully, we'll see you at the EHS Today America's Safest Companies Conference next week



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