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Social Media and Trade Secrets: Essential Lessons to Protect Your Company

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The use of online social media such as LinkedIn is becoming increasingly prevalent, and as a consequence, employees are often very casual about what they say and do online. They frequently share information first, and think about the consequences later. Any business that does not have a solid contract, a sound social networking policy, or does not train its employees on the do's and don'ts of social networking may have a critical security gap in the protection of its trade secrets and its confidential information. Click here to join us for this free one hour webinar led by Mike Greco and Chris Stief from the Employee Defection and Trade Secrets Practice Group at Fisher Phillips as they explore steps employers can take to address this growing threat.

Michael R. Greco and Christopher P. Stief are partners in the Employee Defection & Trade Secrets Practice Group at Fisher Phillips. To receive notice of future blog posts by Mr. Greco, Mr. Stief or other members of the Practice Group, you may subscribe to this blog's RSS feed or follow Mr. Greco on Twitter on on LinkedIn or follow Mr. Stief on Twitter or LinkedIn. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts or pose your questions in the comment field below.

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