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Deploying a gig economy workforce to build or grow your business provides you with added flexibility and scalability, which is why an increasing number of organizations are now retaining non-employees such as independent contractors to conduct business. But that model is frequently under attack – making proper classification of your workforce essential. Being ready to defend such an attack during litigation or a government investigation is just as critical. With so much at stake, you need a modern law firm that is on the forefront of the gig economy to handle your workplace law needs.

The Fisher Phillips Gig Economy Practice Group is your workplace law partner. We’re here to not only help you position your organization to bring aboard gig economy workers, but are here by your side to defend your business model should it be called into question.

Misclassification Litigation
A single negative ruling in a misclassification case has the potential of destroying the very business model upon which your company is built or now heavily relies upon. When it comes to true “bet the company” litigation, just one slipup can have devastating consequences. Our litigators have a long record of achieving exceptional results for businesses defending independent contractor misclassification litigation at the state and federal level. We have successfully represented businesses from major industries in cases across the country, including actions in California and other locations where new laws have made it much more difficult for businesses to classify workers as independent contractors.

Proper Classification of Workers
Any business that engages contractors or gig economy workers to help carry out its services knows that you walk a fine line when it comes to complying with classification law. Many government agencies, unions, and plaintiffs’ attorneys are eager to catch you in a misstep. You can be sure we are on top of this most fluid of challenges. We can conduct a thorough compliance audit and provide up-to-date advice about possible weaknesses and exposure, help you establish a compliant labor force, and defend any legal action challenging your classification system.

How We Can Help

  • You’re a start-up company considering implementing a gig economy business model to staff your business needs.
    We can assist you in developing agreements, policies, and contracts that will be essential to your formation, and can advise on the viability of your business model to ensure it complies with local and federal laws.
  • You’re an established company using a contractor workforce, either as your main pool or just a segment of your workers, and you are served with a class action lawsuit challenging your classification model.
    We regularly defend misclassification litigation in federal and state courts across the country, and can help you ensure the survival of your business model.
  • A state or federal government agency launches an investigation into your business model, perhaps spurred by an unemployment claim filed by a former worker.
    We will be your side navigating you through a government audit or investigation. These often start innocently enough but can quickly spiral into damaging confrontations unless they are carefully managed and defended from the outset.

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