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The 21st-century economy poses workplace legal challenges that weren’t anticipated when many laws were enacted in the 20th century. You don’t want a workplace problem to grow so big that it ends up knocking you offline. You need a modern law firm that is on the forefront when it comes to the sharing economy to handle your workplace law needs.

The Fisher Phillips Gig Economy Practice Group is your workplace law partner. Your business attorneys helped you blossom from a wisp of an idea into a viable business, and perhaps even into a monster success story. But once you start hiring workers or engaging labor to help you fulfill your mission, you need to turn to a law firm that exclusively focuses its efforts on representing employers in workplace law matters. That’s where we come in.

Proper Classification of Workers
Any gig economy employer that engages workers to help carry out its services knows that you walk a fine line when it comes to complying with classification law. Many government agencies, unions, and plaintiffs’ attorneys are eager to catch you in a misstep and will seek to exploit the situation. You can be sure we are on top of this most fluid of challenges. We can conduct a thorough compliance audit and provide up-to-date advice about possible weaknesses and exposure, help you establish a compliant labor force, and defend any legal action challenging your classification system.

One-Stop Workplace Law Shop
Whether you are a brand-new startup company or an established entity, we can help provide all of the necessities you require to be a compliant employer. We can help with the basics, like establishing personnel policies, drafting employment agreements and contracts, providing training, or offering day-to-day advice on hiring, firing, and disciplining. We also can assist with more complex problems, like operating in a multistate environment or developing a business model that meet your needs while staying on the right side of the law. Whatever your situation, we can help to ensure that workplace law is not a problem for you.

Variety of Other Workplace Law Services
Your workers might challenge your compensation system. Your worker and customer data could be susceptible to information thieves who are probing your site for an opening. Unions might be looking to organize your workforce and change the way you do business. Your customers might believe your website or app is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A rogue worker might cause harm to one of your customers. Or a customer might believe their civil rights were violated when interacting with one of your workers. In any of these situations, or in many other scenarios that keep you up at night with worry, we can offer our unique brand of cutting-edge representation to your gig business.

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