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The last line of defense could be the most critical of them all. When you need to preserve a courtroom victory or overcome a disappointing loss, you want appellate lawyers who have been there before and know what it takes to deliver results. Our team stands ready to provide this crucial representation.

The goal of our California Appellate Practice Group is to either protect your courtroom success by mitigating the risk of reversal, or to challenge any adverse rulings through effective appellate advocacy. One of the ways in which we do so is by collaborating with trial counsel through all phases of litigation, proactively preparing an appellate plan that complements the pretrial and trial process. By teaming with us, you get the benefit of seasoned appellate practitioners who can guide you through what can otherwise be a complicated environment. 

Strategic Partnership with Trial Teams
We advise our trial teams regarding the appellate consequences of strategic trial choices. These involve collaborations over jury instructions, special verdict forms, vital motions in limine, and other critical trial motions. With a fresh, appellate-focused perspective, we protect your case by working to ensure that issues arising at trial or through dispositive motions are properly, carefully, and legally postured for appellate review.

Appellate Representation
Should you face an adverse judgment, we consult on possible post-trial motions and prospective appellate options. To assist you in evaluating the risks, benefits, and expense of appealing and defending wins before appellate courts, we provide analysis and recommendations regarding potential appellate outcomes. With the advent of appellate mediation, our team guides you through the business decision of settlement at the appellate level.

Understanding the Big Picture
We take care to consider the possible precedential impact that an appellate outcome may have on both you and your industry. In addition to protecting clients in direct-representation matters, we seek strategic amicus opportunities for our clients to join forces with industry practice groups and organizations to ensure that your concerns and perspectives on issues of importance within the industry are considered.




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