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Your employees will benefit from the unique expertise that the professionals at Foundations Human Resources Consulting can bring to your organization. After years of driving results at a premiere automotive manufacturing company, our team has experienced first-hand the workplace challenges in a lean business environment. We use this experience to partner with you to maximize your human performance.

Foundations Human Resources Consulting is the firm’s wholly-owned new subsidiary that works to maximize your staff performance in a lean business environment. You will benefit from the unique experience and expertise that our professionals bring to the table, helping you achieve positive results by applying our innovative practices. We combine a strong foundation of human performance development with a deep knowledge of legal, labor, and employment issues to bring you a unique and cutting-edge approach. We understand the impact that positive employee relations have on the success of a business, and can bring that success to your organization.  

Positive Employee Relations
At the foundation of every successful lean business operation is a positive working environment that must be carefully nurtured. We first conduct vulnerability assessments, and then work with you to develop labor and employment practices, coupled with on-the-job training and education, to introduce and reinforce your standards. We also implement strategies to help you avoid union organizing efforts.

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning creates breakthrough opportunities for every successful organization. By partnering with us to position Human Resources as a key internal business partner, you can positively impact your organization’s bottom line by setting a vision, planning and managing projects to support your vision, outlining HR philosophies and roles, developing Key Performance Indicators and monitoring them through a dashboard, and dealing with economic shifts within your organization.

Communications, Culture, and Change Management
Communications are key when building a foundation of mutual trust, teamwork, flexibility, and continuous improvement. With decades of experience in an international company that is the benchmark for lean, we will guide you to drive culture transformation, create strategic communications systems, and foster change as a positive development.

Morale Management Initiatives
The importance of morale can never be overstated. We will collaborate with you to cultivate and grow your relationship with your most important resource through employee engagement programs, morale assessment initiatives, sustainable employee relations programs, and effective problem resolution systems.

You will be compliant with all applicable workplace laws and rules when you partner with us. We will analyze HR risks, develop and conduct training on a wide spectrum of HR topics, plan for crisis management, develop policies, procedures, and handbooks, audit existing HR systems and policies, and conduct workplace investigations.

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