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Write an Employee Handbook Your Employees will Read - And Still Cover your Assets


Employers should consider their employee handbook as a management communication tool, not as merely a document for strict legal compliance. As such, the handbook should positively reflect the values of upper management and create an employee friendly environment.

In the world of handbook drafting, some handbooks are "integrity-based" and others are "compliance-based." Integrity-based handbooks are proactive, morally oriented, management-directed, positive and encouraging. The policies in an integrity-based handbook reflect internal values, not external obligations. On the other hand, compliance-based handbooks are defensive, legalistic, lawyer- driven, punitive and based on externally imposed rules. Where possible, employers should adopt the integrity-based model for their handbooks and hold employees to higher standards than those minimally required by applicable laws.

This article appeared in the March 2008 issue of Construction Business Owner.


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